We love our customers

They always have something nice to say

Daryl Bruce

Commercial and Development Manager

“Our team in the office of 20 or so have ordered lunch from Café 51 around a dozen times now, and it’s safe to say the whole team look forward to this day on the calendar. There’s always something new to try on the menu, deliveries are always made right on time and with a smile, and somehow despite putting together such large orders and delivering up the road, they always arrive piping hot and like they just came straight off the grill. I’ve tried my fair share of Melbourne’s most popular burgers, and it’s hard to fault Café 51 for both the burgers themselves and the awesome service from the whole team – it’s the one that I always find myself craving and going back for.”

Tim McDonald

Office Worker in Port Melbourne

“Café 51 has become a regular attraction for many of us here at the office. If ever you want to be in a meat coma for the rest of the afternoon/into the night, this is the place to go! Our office will order around 25 burgers for lunch and they are always delicious, always delivered on time and ridiculously cheap. When you think that the burgers can’t get any more ludicrous, they manage to bring one out that will not only ruin the rest your day, it may actually ruin your life (in the best possible way of course). You can’t go wrong with a lunchtime burger delivery from Café 51!”

Ricky Sumarna

Applications Support Analyst

“The first time I tried Café 51 is about 2 years ago when me and my colleagues are trying to find what to eat around this area during lunch time. Back then Café 51 only have about 7 burger types and I still remember I was trying the Maple Bacon Canuck with Canadian flag. I was quite surprised that the burger was so good but I haven’t heard anything about this place.Not long after that Café 51 became our favourite place for lunch in this area.The downside of Café 51 is the dine in area quite small and it is getting more crowded over the time (It is getting more popular!). We then realised we can order for delivery for free for any order higher than $50 and starting to do so since that time. We are pretty happy with the service of delivery until now, easy to order through phone or email, accurate food order and never come late.”